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Home Health Nurse

caregiver cleaning the floor with a mop while a senior woman sitting on the sofa

We understand how hard it is for seniors and individuals with disabilities, injuries, or chronic health conditions to accomplish certain tasks and that they would rather stay at home than in care facilities. This situation can be hard for the families and the patients, especially if the family members have work or other responsibilities. Providing care assistance to their loved ones can be hard for them.

This is where home health care services can be useful. Home health care can provide skilled services such as medical support to individuals who are in need of quality care and assistance when it comes to maintaining and managing their health and completing their daily living activities.

Here at Priority Home Care Inc., we strive to deliver top-notch medical support which may be necessary following an injury, surgery, illness, or chronic condition. Our agency is staffed with professionally trained personnel who are always ready to provide skilled, personalized services to meet the specific needs of our patients.

Our home health care team consist of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Nursing Assistant. We guarantee you that all of our healthcare professionals are licensed and certified to give assistance in recuperating and regaining the functional abilities of our patients.

This service includes the following:

  • Observing and assessing the newly diagnosed condition or the worsening state of an existing condition
  • Open wound care and dressing
  • Dressing changes for all types of wounds (wound care)
  • Bowel or bladder training
  • Diabetic Self-Management
  • Foley insertion or teaching
  • Injection administration of IM/Subq
  • Ostomy care teaching
  • Teaching on medication administration, including inhalants and oxygen therapy
  • Teaching on injection administration
  • Management and evaluation of a patient care plan